Introducing the Zethan-1 Process Control package, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Capabilities include 3-wire RTD, thermocouple, or thermistor inputs with SSR output available on 6 discrete outputs. Additional inputs, both digital and analog, provide excellent cost savings for more complex systems.

Each unit is provided with a 4-button keypad and graphic display for user interface. Communications and interface software are provided standard with each unit. Heat/Cool Temperature applications utilize two outputs in conjunction with one temperature channel input. This leaves four remaining outputs available to use with the remaining channels or front panel operations. Large on-board memory is included for storage of recipes, user parameters, etc. 115-220vac or low voltage (12-vdc) versions available.

The ZETHAN-1 includes field upgradable firmware for customization and system improvements.

Work Station inputs: RS485/RS232 jumper selectable on board, 9600 baud, half duplex, odd parity. RS232 mode provides single drop, while RS485 provides networking of up to 31 units providing a wealth of monitoring and control capabilities.

RS485 Port (outboard) Provides connection of up to 31 remote process controllers running Modbus RTU protocol. GPIB on board.

The Toolbox Software is included as part of the control package.

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