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DCI Toolbox Software is designed to provide the end user of DCI embedded products with the necessary tools to monitor, control and configure various products in the sensing, instrumentation, and automation lines. Toolbox is expandable and tailorable to fit many application needs. It is based on the concept that sensors, instruments and control devices should be visible to the end user, from a viewpoint that does not immediately rely on diagrams, symbols and schematics, but instead relies on what is visible to the end user. This is to support the DiJiTized paradigm to “See control at work.” It is our philosophy that many day-to-day physical measurement and controlled properties should be more visible and should not be obscured by abstract concepts. We have made it our task to connect the dots between the user and the device world.

The DCI Toolbox consists of two main programs and a series of dynamically linkable libraries to support the desktop applications, as well as configuration and setup of some embedded products. The DCI Toolbox currently runs on MS Windows 32 bit desktop platforms. The DCI Toolbox supports communications over standard RS232, RS485, and Ethernet.

The two main programs of the DCI Toolbox are:

WTools.exe - (TOOLBOX Developer) Development and configuration software for OEMs and developers. Contact us for pricing information. The developer package may be free to OEMs or with minimum quantity system purchases.

WTRT.exe - (TOOLBOX RUNTIME) Runtime executable provided with each embedded system at no additional charge.

The software is extremely flexible. It allows the users to design their own profiles, with multiple screens are available, with password protection where required.

Charting/graphing are configurable to suit the end user's needs. Start/Stop functions, set-point changes, alarms and warnings, ramp/soaks and cycles are all available at the end user's fingertips.